Wednesday, November 12, 2008

gallery girl

Madison is a very low maintenance gallery dog. Mascot. Sweetheart of the street.

She comes to the gallery every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, and stays until at least mid-afternoon. There is already a group of "regulars" who come in to say hello, just to her. She is a love-puppy, with kisses and a quiet, tail and butt-wiggling greeting for everyone.

For four months old, she is composed and relaxed. Having her with me during the day is a delight.

And she looks good in front of vibrant pallettes. Sometimes she even holds still.

And then again, sometimes she doesn't.

Madison needs a chic, trendy little haircut. Something contemporary, and fun. Urban, maybe a little Euro.

It's on the agenda for next week.


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

We would certainly come and see you if we were walking distance from the gallery!

Can't wait to see the new haircut!

Niamh said...

Hi Madison,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know some Standard Schnauzers, who are a lot fun to play with, but I have never met a Giant Schnauzer. That is great that you get a chance to go to work in an art gallery.

Your new friend,

musings on a giant schnauzer in a little MEDIUM LARGE package