Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Strong thoughts for our friend Nick

Madison's very best friend, Nick - actually kind of her LOVE, really - needs lots of strong thoughts right now.

He was in the dog hospital today, having his hind leg amputated to get rid of bone cancer. Terrible, terrible bad ouch! But H-mom called and Coach said that Nick was kind of groggy but got through the surgery so-far-so-good.

Nick's going to be a really big tripod. We've got to get him back to the dog park soon.

Madison misses him. They've been pal-ing around at the dog park almost every morning for the last 4 years! They were actually small-ish pups there at the same time, and they've done all kinds of fun things together, from dirt-wrestling to German-Uboat-water-races.

Isn't he a hunk? Come on, big guy, we're all pulling for you! Kissesssssssss (from Madison, too!)

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