Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life is busy!

H-Mom has been seriously AWOL. From HERE, I mean, not from Madison-time. Man-dad has been taking Madison to the park almost every morning, but when he can't - because he is busy now, too, REALLY REALLY busy, then H-mom gets the car and heads to the dog park at the pre-dawn crack of the new day.

A really really good run, a tug with some buddies and some time lounging in the grass and dirt makes the rest of the day okay, no matter how busy everyone is.

Life is busy, but life is good.

You know how often we don't get to the dog park? We can't remember the last time!

We know about 20 regulars at the dog park. And that is probably being very generous with our estimate. So we are wondering, with all the dogs in Fort Lauderdale, and considering the possible alternatives to the dog park, what is the percentage of lucky lucky dogs in our city. Lucky dog-park dogs, that is.

What's your guess?

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