Friday, November 23, 2012

Big Cypress Camping Adventure

Do you know how cold a Giant's ears get when it is 53 degrees out, in a tent, in the Big Cypress Preserve, in the middle of the Everglades?

Madison is a city girl, but she braved this great Thanksgiving Day camping trip idea with the humans. She laid in the grass, snorked around the campfire, ate a bit of turkey and stared back at the little gator that was fixated on the campsite.

When we were all zipped into the tent, she curled up on her dog bed and quietly stared at Man-Dad.

About 3am, Madison started pacing, whining softly. It was freakin' freezing, especially for a condo dog.

"Just hoist her up her," said H-mom and Man-dad dragged Madison right onto the air mattress. Where she clambered her way in between the two of them and hunkered under the throw blanket Man-dad pulled over her. She tucked her nose into H-mom's arm, tucked up tight and went to sleep.

None of us had any second thoughts about making it a one-night adventure.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Homes for Vet Dogs!

 H-Mom found this on Facebook. We can't offer a home to a Veteran Dog, but maybe you can. Or, maybe you know someone who can. 
Please share:
The United States Marine Corps has around 400 IED (Improvised Explosive Device) sniffing dogs that are being decommissioned and need forever homes. Most of the dogs are breeds such as: Labradors, Belgian Malinois, Border Collies, German Shepherds & Rottweilers and are incredibly well-trained and have saved countless American, NATO and foreign lives. They are in District of Columbia (D.C.). Adoptive families must be able to travel to D.C. to pick up the dogs or arrange transport at their own expense. Please help these war heroes get the lives they deserve. The contact for interested adoptive families is: Brian D. Miller PM IED Detector Dog Program Marine Corps Systems Command 910-652-3645 Ext-321 [brian.d.miller7 at usmc dot mil] PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE. THANK YOU!

Happy morning, Snyder Park!

Madison's buddy, Nick, is doing great as a tri-pawd. He has been coming to the dog park for weeks now, and he is really getting around great.

But Nick was a little depressed after losing his leg, even though he won against cancer. And his humans were a little down too (this is H-Mom's evaluation.) Then came little Mitch, who was found on the street by some people in Miami and kind of bounced around a bit, and then ended up at our dog park.

Cause if you've got a cute, little homeless dog, what better place to find a bunch of kind-hearted, softies than the dog park, right?

And he just hit it off with Nick - all of his little self and that great big three-legged Rottweiler. So he spent a day at Nick's house and then he was going to go to the pound and Coach just looked at his little face in the back of a friend's truck, and the rest is, well, exactly what was meant to be.

So, yay, Mitch! He has the perfect new family, and he is aggravating them with his puppy antics, but he is making them laugh, and he is getting Nick out of his funk, too.

Here is Madison running with little Mitch and catching herself in mid-body check with Nick. Play is on!

musings on a giant schnauzer in a little MEDIUM LARGE package