Saturday, June 27, 2009

Morning walk

Two more mornings before Madison's stitches are out. Two more morning of long walks.

This little guy almost got a piece of Madison on the Riverwalk this morning. It's not a good photo: it's a little translucent land crab, waving his nasty pinchers right at Madison's beard!

And then ... look! The gates were open.

Madison got to stretch her legs. She chased a few balls and ran in circles. It obviously felt good.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wandering around Fort Lauderdale

This morning H-Mom and Madison headed out for another long meandering walk, before the heat settles in. The first destination was the lawn bowling court at Florence C. Hardy Park. H-Mom was hell-bent on breaking the law ... Madison could use a leg stretch. The lawn bowling grass is short and clean, and the court is completely fenced. No dogs allowed, but at 6:45 am, H-Mom thought, a 20-minute romp at an easy pace would be non-destructive.

Too bad the park was locked up tight, with chains and padlocks. Secure. No romp. We think it is to keep the homeless out of the little park house and off of the benches and the planters.

Plan B.

H-Mom took off for a long walk, headed down to Davie Boulevard through the huge grassy park and then took a diversion through a winding side road. This is where the hefty population of Fort Lauderdale peacocks live.

These birds are huge. Madison was astounded, intrigued, a little apprehensive. H-Mom kept a good grip on the leash, thinking that a flock of peacocks would inflict more damage - both physical and psychological - than a ornery mockingbird.

She would have gotten better photos, like a shot of seven of these huge birds sitting on the roof of a little stucco house, but she was a little apprehensive herself. Better not to get too close. We don't think they are particularly friendly.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hanging in there

Our walks are getting longer. Madison is better by the minute. H-Mom is amazed at how quickly youngsters heal. And she is being pretty good inside too, even with the lack of a good dog-park morning.

We'll make it. H-Mom is really good at planning interesting walks, and we've done short ones, medium ones, and today, a long-ish one.

Tonight we made it out between rain storms. We walked west along the Riverwalk, which was paved and landscaped in 2007. It's a beautiful brick walkway that meanders along the New River, where the mega-yachts dock and the water taxi picks up passengers, hopping from bar to bar.

The sun was setting and the bridge for the Florida East Coast Railway was up. It goes down according to a timer, which blasts twice to give boats a five minute warning. It's a busy rail crossing for trains in and out of Port Everglades, and a popular train-spotting location.

We circled around and headed home. We got dive-bombed by some of those crazy mockingbirds again. H-Mom was trying to photograph one, but was busy protecting her head. She told Madison to go ahead and snap one up, if she could.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm bored, now. Really really bored.

This recuperation stuff is not for Madison. She has been trying to be good, taking it easy and resting a lot. But she is kind of like a horse, chomping at the bit. Ready to roll. So what if her belly is shaved from here to there, she feels like strutting it at the dog park.

It's going to be a long long week, before the stitches are out next Monday.

H-Mom is adamant. No dog park: no agility jumping, no dirt-wrestling, no swimming.

Even a quick lunge for a lizard or teasing squirrel is being discouraged. H-Mom has been walking Madison like she is a tottering little old granny. Slowly.

This is getting old.

There is no such thing as a chew toy that will keep her busy for a week. (Although this is a really really good one.) Any ideas?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Spay Day

No dog park for Madison for a week or so. Today is "spay day." Kind of like D-day for the pup. She will be one-year-old next month, and has made it this far without going into heat. Her vet said that her teeth are all set into the bone so that we have given her much benefit of maturing and hormones.

No food or liquid after midnight, so it wasn't fair for a trip to the dog park this morning. H-Mom and Madison enjoyed a "historic walk" instead. This is what they will be doing for the next week. Gentle walks, as long as Madison is comfortable and healing.

We are hoping to make it happily until we can get back to the dog park. Better to have ten days of recuperation than 3 weeks in heat twice a year.

Still, it's kind of a sad day, and H-Mom and Man-dad and especially the teen-human all feel bad for Madison. She is going to get lots of treats while she gets better. We are stopping on the way home from the vets to buy her some cuddlies.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mango bombs

This is disconcerting. The little park, now formally named "Stoner Park" (H-Mom laughs. What kind of name is that? Visions of naughty teenagers abound.) , now has mangoes thumping down around our heads. The trees in the park are heavy with ripe mangoes, huge fruit, and they hit the ground with regularity.

Madison is vaguely interested. It is much more exciting to hunt lizards and sniff dead branches. H-Mom is considering protective head gear.

The smell of the rotting mangoes is sickeningly sweet. We don't eat them, confused and a bit put-off by the odd flavours of pinecone sap and citrus.

P.S. The beautiful little rottie girl has a new mom! She is now named "Nolly" (which we all hate, but WHATEVER) and Coach is keeping in touch to make sure that her new home is a good one! We think Coach really misses her. Maybe he will find another little rottie to take care of!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Red in the morning

This is the second part of the saying. Our rainy weather continues. The forecast is holding steady, and it doesn't look pretty.

Now we have "red in the morning," which H-Mom believes means "dog walkers take warning."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

With a little garlic please

With just a little history lesson, we know that the Germans had a great affinity for things French. And that's my girl, my German with the beard and the innocent face.

Who has taken a liking to a little snail-crunch for breakfast. She nips them off the retainer wall, off the fountain edge, off the brick walkway.

And the sound of the grit in her giant schnauzer-size chompers gives H-Mom the shudders.

It's bad enough to inadvertantly step on them, after a rain, but to actually hear their death-by-canines is blood curdling.

H-Mom is so grossed out. And a bit concerned, seeing as they are uncooked and au natural. Salmonella? Worms? Pesticides? They just can't be good.

So now H-Mom and Madison are both watching for the snails, with different agendas: Madison is quite a sneak at the smorgasbord.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Anyone want a baby?

This little girl - we all think she is a rottweiler - was found on Saturday night, behind a warehouse in Miami, just wandering around.

Someone dumped her. We are guessing that she is 5 weeks old, if that.

Peter picked her up from his friend who rescued her, and she spent Sunday night with Lexie and Yogi.

This morning she came to the dog park, and Coach took her home. So she'll stay with Nick for awhile. Nick is a rescued Rottie, who is now in charge of Coach.

Coach said he would get her to a vet, and buy her some puppy milk, and raise her, and housebreak her, keeping her until she is old enough to go to a forever home. He is going to let Rottweiler rescue know that he is taking care of her.

Well. Our money is on Coach KEEPING her and becoming her new Dad. But then, he has fostered before, and he has his hands full with Nick.

So if anyone wants a new baby, just let Madison know.

Madison even kind of wanted to keep her - she is so cute, she was SUCKING on Madison's beard and Madison was very gentle with her, and let her stand between her legs and jump up on her.

But H-Mom told Madison that there will be NO BABIES in this condo.

musings on a giant schnauzer in a little MEDIUM LARGE package