Monday, November 14, 2011

QRCode ... and that's not a dog name!

Hey dog bloggers ... you know that H-Mom is now a busy, busy lady. When Madison was little, they hung out together all the time. Madison was lucky enough to be a "gallery dog" and loved hanging out on Las Olas. H-Mom had lots of time for blogging and walking and taking photos of doggie-stuff to share with doggie friends. Well today, Man-Dad took Madison all the way out to H-Mom's office for a visit. Madison got to go inside and say hello to everyone. Then she waited in H-Mom's car and got to ride home with her. How cool is that? H-Mom works on all kinds of web stuff now, just just dog-blogging. This is one of the projects that she contributes to ... she even made the QR code tonight and wants all kinds of people to check it out and leave comments and lots of dog bones (stars?) and say wooohoooo!
PS: dogs! have your people find the "pets" section and get some early Christmas shopping done!

musings on a giant schnauzer in a little MEDIUM LARGE package