Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Right Stuff

We had a kind of scary moment in the parking lot. One of the guys who works there was talking to his girlfriend in the parking lot, right by her car. They had a dog in the car, a great big dog. And they were yelling at it to behave and get in the back seat.

Right when Madison got out of Man-dad's truck to go in and choose some dog food flavors, we turned around and the dog - a great big pitbull, like an 80 pound pitbull - was out of the car and the Pet Supermarket employee had his arms around her chest to hold her, but she wasn't leashed. "Princess, Princess, Princess," the lady was yelling. And the guy was holding Princess, but she was squared up on Madison, and she was staring.

H-Mom doesn't like that kind of dog stare. That's a fixated, some kind of s#*! might go down stare. Didn't seem to be very good store employee decision making going on, right there in the parking lot.

We went the long way around the truck, away from the pitbull, and straight down the walk into the store. H-Mom was a little bit scared. A big dog like that without a leash and a lot of energy in the air was un-nerving.

We were fine in the store. Madison eats Canidae and Taste of the Wild, in a mix of varying combinations: lamb, Atlantic salmon, duck, bison or poultry. We got what we needed and when we went outside, the car, Princess and her people were gone.

When we got home, Madison was only worried about making sure that we got the right stuff from Pet Supermarket today

Man-dad said that incident is how really bad things happen, though. In a fraction of a second, all hell can break loose.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight savings nap

For some very odd reason, H-mom was up and at 'em before the sun even came up this morning. Madison was still on the sofa in the middle of a pre-dawn dream.

She was more than a little reluctant to stretch it out and head to the dog park. Daylight WHAT? There wasn't even a sliver of sun when we left the condo this morning.

Which means that this is afternoon is Daylight Naptime. And Madison is tucked up under H-mom's desk, chasing squirrels in her sleep.

Tomorrow morning will be equally odd, we are certain.

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