Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dog-walking footwear, Hollywood-style

What do you wear to walk with your best friend? Since H-mom had her knee surgery, she has been wearing ONLY Spira walking shoes. This is by order of her orthopedic surgeon, so she is behaving. And living vicariously. How?

Well, she had this great idea for a contest entry for the Famous Footwear Pinterest "Star-Studded Style" contest. H-mom decided that she would find photos of celebrities walking their dogs. And that she would then find their look-alike shoes on the Famous Footwear site. And then throw in a few other photos, like old pictures of Hollywood pooches.

See ... these are the shoes that H-mom is wearing right now:

They are not bad. But, well, they are not great either. Like not very sexy, as Man-dad would say.

These are what H-mom found are the hottest looks to wear when dog-walking if you're a celeb. Or dog-strolling as it were:

Want to see more? Go check out H-mom's Pinterest board "Famous Footwear Star-Studded Style."

If you are on Pinterest, share some pin-love with H-mom too! Follow her. She promises to follow you back. And she could sure use some repins+likes+comments on her contest board. The prize is a 3-night, 4-day trip to L.A. H-mom really, really, seriously wants to win this contest. You know why? First of all because she LOVES Famous Footwear (really) and second of all because she could see her son, who is attending UCLA Anderson, starting his second year of B-school, and his lovely girlfriend. They don't have a dog, but they are definitely dog lovers. AND she is a fashion designer!

H-mom is thinking that a trip to L.A. is in the stars. And she knows that her dog-themed board is an awesome idea.

Anyway, she's wondering, what kind of shoes do you wear for dog-walking?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

MST 2012

Madison has a nickname: Mystery Science Theater. When she rides in the back of Man-dad's truck she often lays down and chills. When he stops, she pops right up to see what is going on, and in the rear-view mirror, he sees her silhouette and says, "Mystery Science Theater!"

In just the right (or wrong) light, she looks like MST in photos, too.

Thanks to Samantha, with her awesome photoshop skills, Madison is ready for her movie critic debut.

musings on a giant schnauzer in a little MEDIUM LARGE package