Friday, December 12, 2008


When you look like this, you get lots of attention. Especially if you like to stretch slowly, roll onto your back and get belly rubs and nose kisses from everyone who meets you.

Madison is (most of the time) a perfectly mellow gallery dog. She lounges on the cool acid-stained concrete floor, sometimes gnaws on her bone, and calmly watches the few people who meander in and out of the gallery.

The other day, an elderly gentleman from New Jersey came into the gallery to confirm the delivery time for a painting he had purchased the evening before. He fell in love with Madison who was tucked under the desk, by my feet. He had bred and showed German Shephards, owns horses for fox-hunting, and is working on a condo rehab on an exclusive island south of Fort Lauderdale. He was full of colorful tidbits about his life, which he admitted was one of privilege and wonderful luxuries. He was very kind and interesting, not pretentious, and quite charming. In his home now, there is just Jack Russell -- his wife's dog more than his.

There is a litter of 8 new puppies, born one week ago, H-Mom told him. His eyes lit up. H-Mom printed the "contact" page from El Lobo Giant Schnauzers for him.

Later that evening, H-Mom got an e-mail from Cynthia. The elegant gentleman had called, driven out and purchased the male pick-of-the-litter. Cynthia was thrilled. He was excited beyond belief, having just discovered the breed and feeling ready for a new big dog. Especially one that doesn't shed. There are too many GSDs he commented, and a Giant Schnauzer will create quite a stir amongst his status-conscious friends.

He came to the gallery the next evening, looking at more art and very pleased with the puppy that will be his in early February. He is already thinking about showing the pup - he has a professional handler he used to work with - and preparing to break the news to his wife that a Florida puppy is coming up north in a couple months.

Today, three woman from Nassau Bahamas came into the gallery. One of the women announced, "That's a Reisenschnauzer." (ree zen shnou zer) H-Mom had been saying "RIE zen schnauzer" and was happy to be corrected. The woman was Austrian and said that they are very popular in her country. She told H-Mom about the Giant that her grandmother had owned. She said that her grandfather died, and then her grandmother about a year later, and that the Giant, who was totally devoted to the two of them, stopped eating and died a month or so later. These dogs, she said, are bred to believe that their family is absolutely everything to them, their whole world.

"She follows you everywhere, doesn't she?" the woman asked.

Of course.

She is our Reeeeeee zenschauzer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Madison! That's a cool story about the man getting a Schnauzer because of you. You're the ambassador of Schnauzers! I was just catching up on your blog and thought I'd weigh in on the car question - my parents have a Honda Accord that I fit into just fine, but I'm a full-grown Golden on the smallish side at 56 pounds and you'll be much bigger than me. Anyway, the Accord is nice and roomy!

See ya around!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a neat story, Madison! We hope one day this man brings his puppy by for you to meet!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Kathryn and Ari said...

That's really incredible. Ari is three and is still way too rowdy for most human situations (especially, I suspect, ones involving provocative and potentially expensive art!).


What a grrrrreat story. We will be interested to hear subsequent stories about your cousin in the future.

Well, time to get back to helping Dad with Essexmas baking.

Essex & Deacon

The Devil Dog said...

That is such a neat story. What a fine job you have done, Madison.


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