Wednesday, January 28, 2009

she's at it again

Now this time, it's getting out of hand. The dvd is in the machine and H-Mom is all revved up. Even after an hour at the dog park and 20 minutes at the doggie lake.

She's not even paying attention to Madison.

These are the diversionary tactics attempted this morning:
  • plant herself in the middle of rug between H-Mom and the TV
  • put both front paws in the water bowl and bark
  • run across the room from the left, dragging H-Mom's sweatpants behind
  • disembowel the lamb stuffie and kill the squeaker right behind H-Mom
  • bark
  • run across the room from the right, swinging H-Mom's underwear in the air
  • snap at H-Mom's rear-end
  • bark bark bark
  • try to grab H-Mom's feet
  • pull the leashes off the hook by the door
  • bark
Madison was beyond frustration. Pushed to the limit. Ready to burst.

H-Mom was focused. Walking away the pounds. On a mission, and not willing to relent.

Madison went into the master bedroom, posed on the clear plastic deskchair mat, staring forlornly out the balcony doors -- out to the green tops of the trees and the great outdoors -- and peed.

Peed a lot. Peed a flood.

Tomorrow, Madison gets a quick pee break before H-Mom gets into this exercising thing.

Fair is only fair.


The Devil Dog said...

Oh dear, that is not good. Poor Madison. Poor mom. When mom drops down on the floor to do ab work, Lucky and I like to lie on her stomach like the sphynx. hee hee
It enhances her workout, you know.

Rowena said...

The visuals of underwear swinging in the air...what a character Thank goodness the laundryroom is inaccessible to my little ones. The doxie has a thing for socks but you know, trying to pull off a sock that is ON my foot is another thing altogether.

Maggie and Mitch said...

You certainly did try to tell her, didn't you, Madison! Your poor bladder!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

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