Monday, February 16, 2009

Little buddy

Madison had an overnight guest last night. It was very strange. This little 8-pounder belongs to Man-Dad's teenager, and she is moving to Fort Lauderdale. They got in last night, so the little dude, named "Goober," got to spend the night sleeping on the sofa with his mommy.

She is staying for a week while she waits for her apartment to be ready.

Little Goober is staying over at "Emily's Playhouse," which is the home of one our dogpark friends who dogsits.

See, Goober has a couple issues ... he lifts his leg in the house and poops on a puppy pad, and H-Mom is being kind of crabby and says that his bad habits could make Madison start "using it" in the condo too. H-Mom worked really hard to housebreak Madison so that she is PERFECT in the house, and deals very gracefully with being on the 19th floor. And she has visions of Madison grabbing a soiled puppy pad and racing around the condo with it. Remember, Madison has a very un-princess-like affinity for STINKY things.

Goober is also a bit of a barker and very protective of his mommy. He likes to sit on her lap and growl. That makes Madison bark and bark ... not good in a condo either. Man-dad said that he doesn't need security knocking on the door with a list of complaints about the "dog party" going on next door.

This little guy has all his "EQUIPMENT" too, whatever that means. Sometimes he plays kind of weird, like jumping on and not letting go. H-Mom is going to try to help the teen-human get this FIXED by going to the low cost spay/neuter program at the Humane Society.

Anyway, Madison and Goober played in the living room for awhile before bed. Madison was pretty gentle, but she is a large, overwhelming 55 pound puppy, and even though Goober held his own, H-Mom said that Madison was too much for him. She didn't want things to "escalate." (Imagine broken lamps, chewed leather sofas and the large screen tv on the floor ...)

Goober also learned the sound of the treat jar really quickly. In about 20 seconds, actually. See him begging for a snack from Man-Dad? Madison is actually looking right AT the treat jar, and thinking that she will be able to reach it all by herself in another month. HA! try that Goober!

Anyway, he'll be around. His mommy can visit him at "Emily's Playhouse," and he is going to be at the dog park every morning. For now, Madison will be sleeping quietly and not roughhousing or being inappropriate in the condo.

Then in a week, he'll be living right down the hall. Maybe they can plan some play dates. How cool is that?


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Coool, we look forward to seeing more of this little fella, should be interesting! Madison....remember to remain princess-like at all times :D
Slobbers xx

Niamh said...

That is nice that you have a new playmate. Goober looks like he can hold his own so I hope you have lots of fun together.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Madison, is that kind of like bypassing the bank teller and going right for the vault? I like the way you think!

See ya!

Deetz said...

Happy Valentines Day Madison....
That is so cool you got to play with a new lil doggie. Sometimes, I think my name is "Snackie" cuz that is the only time I come running and don't even think twice....I bet your friend thinks his name is "Treats",,,,,bol

The Devil Dog said...

Having a really close playmate sounds cool. Mom shudders to think what I would do if I could reach the counters without chairs.



Goober must be a good word. Dad's brudder calls Deacon a Big Goober all the time.

Essex & Deacon

Mango said...

Goober sounds like the kind of guy who you look forward to visiting with, but maybe don't want around all the time. I'm sure you can teach him some manners.


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