Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Full Moon Morning

Last night the moon was small, bright and full over our building. The sky was very dark, and the decorative uplighting along the Riverwalk brick path made the fig-wrapped trees look eerily possessed.

This morning, the moon was a huge glowing orb in the western sky. Madison spent her morning workout at a dog park in Plantation, a good bit further from home than our usual hangout. The park is called "Happy Tails Park," and it is beautiful, with a huge grassy lawn and lovely backyard type trees. It is more "suburban" than our regular park, which is more wild and forest preserve-like in feeling.

H-Mom can't quite shake the "cemetery" kind of feeling that the huge gates and memorials and sign stones empart. But Madison loves it there. It's kind of cool, too, that there is a separate fenced and locked area for the training of police canines. They workout there in the evenings, which would be really interesting to watch.

"Bark Park" as Snyder Park is being resodded and is closed for two weeks. No one is complaining, because the park has become not much more than a huge dust bowl. Still, we are all challenged to find an alternate outlet for dogs in need of leg-stretching, all-out rough-housing play time.

It was interesting to watch Madison make her way with a new group of dogs. She took on the role of puppy, bowing and strenuously wagging her little stump of a tail with the sheepish cower of a youngster.

This morning, she was more in the mode of a "regular" already running to the gate like the appointed official greeting committee.

Madison also seems to garnering an inordinate amount of attention from the male dogs. We know she is a natural beauty, but H-Mom is going to do some googling about first heat. Madison is quite the lover-girl and she is more than pleased to roll on her back and submit to attention. H-Mom is feeling like a helicopter parent, admonishing giggling dog owners to "keep your dog from HUMPING my puppy ..."


Patience-please said...

we saw the same moon! Better safe than sorry about the first heat. Any dog experts nearby? Her breeder should be able to tell you if any of her sisters have come in.

Anonymous said...

Freddie went to that dog park almost every afternoon when the family lived in Davie for awhile. He loved it! Too bad you're not closer to Poopy Park - but we go in the late afternoon and I know you always go really early.

Your pal,

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Nice Park!

#1 says "Better be safe than sorry" on the heat front. There are always lots of lover boys (like me, for example...) who would be delighted to get a piece of action!

Your Friend,

Maggie and Mitch said...

We had a full moon at our house too, Madison!
What a lovely dog park but we don't have to agree with your mom. It does have a cemetary-like appearance!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Devil Dog said...

Helicopter parent, you are too funny. And keep your dog from humping mine, also very funny.

Good luck with that.


Gussie said...

You're so right about the cemetery vibe. We haven't gone down the dog park route in their part of the world, we all just try to share the same green spaces. It mostly works. I have to watch out for kids with ice creams, I'm just glad Jake isn't interested in footballs. Worst moment *ever* was (in the very early days) when Jake bolted across the park to a man sunbathing in nothing but his shorts/sunglasses/headphones - and sniffed his crotch. Was very lucky he saw the funny side...

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

It sounds like Madison has a great time at the dog park. We wish we had one close to us! I guess our dog park is our back yard. We can do zoomies all we want!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

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