Thursday, March 19, 2009

What kind of dog are you?

There is an interesting list of dog breeds, sorted from 1 to 5, with 5 being recommended for Novice Owners.

Madison is a 1. In a very cool group of dogs for "experienced handlers," and the good company of Akitas, Malamutes and Mastiffs. Among others.

Is she a tough dog to handle? Well ... H-mom is very lucky to be able to spend almost every hour of every day working with her, or knowing that Madison is with the teen-human or Man-dad. And Madison got a great start, with a veteran breeder, a very sweet mother and incredible socialization as a puppy.

But she is mouthy. She is quite a handful. And sassy. And very smart. And she really can cop an attitude.

We are living with two mantras:
  1. NILIF (nothing in life is free)
  2. A tired dog is a happy dog
So ... yes, H-Mom would agree that a Giant is a very challenging puppy. Someone warned that right around 3 years old, they turn into a$$holes (her word not ours!) for about six months. And if you get through it, they are a dream.

We are wondering. What number are you? Does it ring correct?


The Devil Dog said...

Mom will check it out and let you know.


The Devil Dog said...

Mom says they are off on Pug intelligence. They rate pus as "3" for intelligence, average. Mom says that is so off base it's not funny. Mom's pugs have figured out how to get through child proof safety locks, open dog food tin covers, get up on the counters and chairs, and how to get through barricades. We can't do all that if we're just average, can we?


with love, Madison said...

Roxy, don't forget ... any dog that blogs is in the top 1% of the class!

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

I'm a 4! Apparently, English Springer Spaniels are "very eager to please" and #1 tells me often that I am a "Good Tom." I love it when she says that!

Your Pal,

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

We Airedales turn into a**holes around the age of two and it lasts about a year. It's because we think we are smarter than our humans! We still think that, but don't tell our mom!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Maggie and Mitch said...

We are a very mouthy and energetic and mom says we bark way too much! Some of us are friendlier than others! I prefer hoomans to admire me and not touch me unless I say you can! We have a lots of the same similarities, Madison!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Jake of Florida said...

We're in the three category, and we guess that's right. Stubborn. Hard of hearing. "Mouthy" as you say. But cuddly sweet and curious about everything. Lots of fun.

We've been meaning to write ever since you were at OUR DOG PARK -- Happy Tails. We never got the cemetary impression you did -- perhaps because we were holding on to the dogs for dear life, they were so eager to get in!!

Woofs!! One of these days we'll have our play date!!

Jake and Just Harry


We are a 4. We are good watch dogs, especially Essex. She hardly ever barks at people she knows. Smart and loyal, that describes us.

This mirrors a lot of what Dad read about us before Essex adopted him.

Essex & Deacon

tula said...

Madison, I'm with you on the bottom of the list. Being an akita, I'm pretty low on the list for most characteristics- except like shedding. Uh oh..
well my hooman will not be looking at this site.


dewdana said...

Hey Madison- interesting post! Moose is a 5 and I would have to agree with that but then I adopted him at 5yo. I am seeing the puppy side with Teddy and if Teddy is an easy puppy then I can not imagine a 1! Your H-mom is brave! I am sure you are an exception ;-)!
Thanks for stopping by our Blog. We were at Markham park for some sort of adoption festival and our Lab Rescue had a booth. It went extremely well! I am so proud of Teddy and he had lots of admirers! It did not even occur to me that our fellow Floridian bloggers might be interested! Next Saturday there is another event in Deerfield Beach and we may try to make it but it is even further and I have guests in town. More info here:

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Great link. We are a 5 and a 3. But isn't being #1 the best?

Gus and Waldo

Anonymous said...

It said I was a 5 and Zeke was a 2. My parents think that would be right if it was talking about photography, but otherwise they think Zeke is easier than me because I tend to get too excited and springy on walks, in the car, or if guests come over. Supposedly Zeke is calmer and acts like a normal dog. Hmph!

See ya!

Biggie-Z said...

This is all off. It gave kuvasz a 3 but we think kuvasz have to be a 1, and the description is more in line with our experience:

Males can weigh up to 115 lbs, and are "capable of trotting up to 15 miles without tiring." (!!!)
Because he was bred to guard, he can be aloof, independent, and suspicious of strangers. Your Kuvasz will be polite to welcomed guests, but no more--regardless of how hard the strangers try to befriend him. His almost fanatical loyalty makes him very protective; he's always alert for any signs of danger, and when aroused, he can move with surprising speed given his size.
Kuvaszok are extremely intelligent, but they aren't easy to train. Their fierce independence makes them a challenge even for experienced dog owners.

And let's not even start with the shedding! I think all the birds' nests in Manhattan must be lined with white fur by now!

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