Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beaten bullied and zonked

H-Mom has this paranoid antennae thing going on about pitbulls and pitbull-types at the dog park. Look, some dogs are just not MEANT for the dog park. It's not a given. It's not a right. You might just be better with a long walk on leash.

So this pitbull (OH NO protests the owner, she is NOT a pitbull ... she is a BULL TERRIER ... WTF thinks H-Mom ... A WHAT? a Rose by any other name is ... still a ROSE ... and this was a PITBULL-type and H-Mom is not stupid. A little slow to react at times, but not STUPID.) sorry ... H-Mom digresses ...

So this pitbull comes into the park by the dog lake, where Madison is very pleasantly frolicking with a little mix of some sort, playing tag, playing keep-away, trading the toy and chasing and jumping into the water. And H-Mom looks up and decides that that is that, and calls Madison ... we don't even risk it with the pitbull-types. And this dog runs right up to Madison, t-squares her with its chest and starts biting. And not just play-biting. We mean, like eating a chunk of face, grabbing and gnawing and going for those gorgeous ears. And Madison runs ... and the dog aggresses (OH NO protests the owner, she is not mean) and then the two dogs are in the water where Madison runs to seek refuge from the onslaught and the PITBULL-TYPE pins Madison under the water like a bully-i'm-going-to-drown-and-kill-you and this other lady who we believe must be their FRIEND jumps into the lake and pulls the freakin' PITBULL-TYPE off of Madison and the dee-da-deeee owner is sitting there protesting that the PITBULL-TYPE is not a PITBULL-TYPE (and now H-Mom is wanting to say DON'T THINK YOU ARE PULLING THE WOOL OVER MY EYES ... )

and the other woman is worrying loudly that Madison may not be having a "good dog park experience" and that she needs to end the visit on a positive note ... and H-Mom is like


and by-the-way ... if your dog is NOT a dog-friendly type, even if you can't admit that it's a PITBULL-TYPE then perhaps the dog park is NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU.

then we went to Pet Supermarket and grandma Rosalie bought Madison a kong tennis ball toy and Madison is quite content that the dog park is a good place, no problems, no grudges held, and she has been sleeping all day.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Your Mom is much more patient than our huMom. An attack like that would have turned our huMom into a pitbull. Our Mom can't imagine how petrified your Mom was!!!

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Mango said...

Oh dear. That is why we don't go to dog park type places. You just never know who you are going to run into. There is a pit bull doggie in my agilities class, but her momma understands that she is not good in playgroups so when we have after school playtime she goes in her own run.

I am sorry you got bited by those doggies.



We've met good pitbulls and we've met bad pitbulls. If your dog isn't socialized you don't bring it in the park. Reminds us of the guy with an Aketa, but we digress.

Hope Madison is okay. Maybe one day the pitbull will meet the Killer, the little Chihuahua. Killer likes to run under the big dogs and chomp on their nuts and then hold on until he has brought the big dog down. Nothing works quite as well on a big male dog. Sometimes even small dogs are just pure evil.

Essex & Deacon

TwoSpecialWires said...

Madison, we hope you are okay. I (Jake) went to a dog park for the very first time last week. Mom and my hooman sister trailed me - actually hovered over me - the whole time. I never relaxed. Neither did they. We aren't going to give up on it, but reading about your experience makes us even more shaky about the whole thing. I may get better, but I'm guessing Mom never will. (And most of the other dog peoples were just casually sitting around... like... no big deal. It seems like a big deal to us.)

We're sorry your good time got spoiled. It makes us sad.

Jake and Miss Fergi (who will probably never enjoy a dog park - and that's okay)

Anonymous said...

My mom is also very angry at vicious pitbull owners for bringing them to dog parks, and worried that Zeke and I will be seriously hurt. That's why we haven't been back to any dog parks since our pitbull incident. I'm so sorry to hear that happened.

See ya!

The Devil Dog said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. It's bad enough that the dog was vicious, but for the owner to be such a twinkie brain (nothing between the ears) is even worse. Did she show any concern about Madison? I think that I would have dropped kicked her not a pit bull type dog and then done the same to her.

Roxy's mom

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

What a horrible experience! Around here, dogs that are deemed (by the government) to be dangerous breeds, including pit bulls, must by law be muzzled and held by their owners when in public. And that is how it should be.

Now in defense of the bull terriers, they look nothing like pit bulls and generally have pleasant dispositions. And there are nice pit bulls out there. As there are aggressive labs. Sadly, it usually comes down to the owner who is largely responsible for the sort of dog a puppy becomes. That woman obviously had no control and no idea. People like that should never be allowed to own dogs!

Abigail said...

You have to be honest with yourself, Pippi can go play with the Pits and big boys but she bullies smaller dogs. We know not to let her play in the little dog areas so everyone can have fun.

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a horrible experience for you and your mom, Madison! Aggressive doggies have no business at the dog park!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

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