Thursday, May 7, 2009

Duck leg dinner

Outdoor World sells these great foam ducks, for training retrieval skills. At the dog lake, the dogs love to swim and bring this wonderful thing back. Lexik launches from the shore and goes after Duck with determination. Nick "land sharks," ankle deep in the water, right under the roots along the shore, trying to get a headstart on the duck fetching. Some of the dogs are happy to jump in and swim along, watching the game. Madison lurks onshore. Her ploy? Grab Duck and eat it. Shake it, kill it, destroy it.

Duck has held up pretty well, with chunks of varying sizes missing from one day to the next.

Today however, the death bell tolled for Duck.

Madison came home with a drumstick. She is such a naughty dog.

H-Mom is looking for retrieval ducks on eBay.

PS. H-Mom is working on a blog about summer grooming. If you have a photo of the perfect summer dog cut that you would like to have published (and she'll put a link to your blog, too, if you want!) just email it to ... she can just use one and she's put herself on a deadline, lol ... Madison is amused.


Jake of Florida said...

We'd love to help -- but we wire fox terriers, with our double coats -- both wirey and soft -- are a bit hard to groom, so we don't think we fit the bill (or the duck leg!!).

Perhaps Joey or Zeke?

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

the professionals said...

go madison lov'in your style reap the reward without the hardwork arf arf


Best of luck. We don't do a summer cut. Everything we've read about collies is that is a no no.

Essex & Deacon

The Devil Dog said...

Poor Duck. Hope you can find a replacement.


Anonymous said...

Hi Madison! I'd love to help, but Zeke and I don't get haircuts. Zeke's coat is still growing in and mine just gets brushed a lot (oh, okay, once in a while I get some fur cut in the back, but you don't want to write about that.)

See ya!

Kathryn and Ari said...

LOVE that duck leg photo. Is that the latest haute cusine?

PS- Happy Mother's Day, H-mom!

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