Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why Goofy, as H-Mom Aserts?

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Well, first, this was supposed to be a WALK. Find large dry palm frond, and look what happens. No more walk ... H-Mom can wait, thank you very much. Madison has better things to do.

This stunt is called "grass roll" and it is best done with a prop, like a big crunchy palm frond.


TwoSpecialWires said...

Madison. Bear with us. We felt compelled to leave you this informational comment, in case you ever need to defend your behavior.

Your "grass roll" reminds us of the experience in a Russian banya which is intended to "encourage health, facilitate rehabilitation and reduce stress. One of the most important aims is to overcome sudden or chronic energy blocks and to restore the normal flow of internal energy to the affected part, or to the entire body...

The (Russian) people's wisdom and belief in the healing properties of the Banya were confirmed by the research work of scientists. The Banya is an excellent method of stress reduction, relaxation, health promotion and rejuvenation. Taken regularly the Banya can increase well being, enhance and train the immune functions, facilitate endurance and improve the following conditions: high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatism and metabolic cycle deterioration.

The advantage of the Banya is the way the heat is increased and the humidity is adjusted. In a well heated Banya the temperature (moisture and heat) is increased by pouring small amounts of water on hot rocks on the stove, which will create the steam and begin to open the pores of the skin. Once you start to perspire, the whisks of oak/birch leaves are taken out of the water, shaken above the stove to warm the branches, and used to gently stroke, brush and tap the body from neck to toes followed by a honey rub to draw out toxins to soften and condition the skin. This therapy has both antiseptic and detoxifying qualities."

We figure you've got the heat of Florida combined with the crunchy palm frond and have achieved the perfect "natural banya".

Roll on!
Jake and Fergi (and their Russian Girl)

the professionals said...

i agree h-mons should always wait for their furkids

Sherry said...

Rolling on grass is something one absolutely MUST do. Every H. should understand that.

Life With Dogs said...

I'm guessing that frond is like a scratching pad!

Mango said...

Maybe h-mom should try doing that herself and then she would realize how good it feels.


Anonymous said...

I always like to stop and roll in the grass. My mom thinks it's because my Gentle Leader's itching me, but what does she know.

See ya!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom is always saying to take time and smell the roses! Isn't this kinda the same thing, Madison?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

bagel said...


Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Heehee--did you just get a bath, Madison? Because we love to roll like this right after a bath.

Gus and Waldo


Nice drop & roll. We think it is neat.

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