Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good to be me

H-mom has been rather ABSENT on here lately, neglecting Madison's blog and ignoring all our blogging buddies. No photos, no stories, no little dog tales.

(Although, truth be told, she has been spotted trolling through blogs at 1 am, even if she doesn't leave comments.)

But, what is bad for our readers, is actually GOOD for Madison.

H-mom has been so dedicated to writing lately, and sitting with great earnestness at her laptop. She is cruising from site to site, networking and working and writing. Cool.

And because this is what she does when we get home in the morning, she has been letting Madison play at the dog park for almost two hours every morning. Can you imagine. This is sheerly and utterly exhaustingly fantastic. It might be partly motivated by procrastination, but Madison will take it.

Talk about making friends. Talk about play time. Talk about spoiled.

This is the coral shore at the dog lake. The lake is fresh water, and because it's man-made, it has been dug into the coral rock that is the foundation of all of South Florida.

Last week, someone broke the gate at the dog lake. The Snyder Park maintenance guys took it apart and sent it out to be repaired. This is what came back. What is wrong with this picture? Hahahahahaha even the dogs are laughing. Some genius welded the latch back onto the post upside-down. Now everyone closes the gate with a bungie-cord that was donated by a savvy dog owner.

This is Spot. Spot is tennis-ball crazed. He sets the ball on the edge of the lake, barks at it forever, then PUSHES it into the water and jumps in after it. He does this over and over. The other dogs don't even give him a second glance anymore. He is definately in his own little, doggie-A-D-D kind of world.

Every morning is a really really good morning. A serious game of tug with Taylor rocks, too.


Mango said...

Two hours at the dog park? You are living the good life!


TwoSpecialWires said...

A fresh water lake in a dog park? Maybe we would learn to swim! Lucky you!

Stay cool,
Jake and Miss Fergi (temporarily in north Florida)


We normally get an hour, sometimes more. Take care of yourself.

Essex & Deacon

Kess And Her Mama said...

Happy writing H-Mom! It definitely sounds like a great dog's life, Madison. Have fun at the park!

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