Monday, July 27, 2009

Take us to your leader

Nick, the long-legged rottweiler, loved this chewed-in-half, only-a-shell-of-its-former-self, purple ball so much that it was very kindly given to him by its previous owner.

This rejected, almost dead toy has provided hours of fun. It's not just a good toy, or a great toy, its the best toy. How does it always happen that there is one thing that all the dogs love, and it's not necessarily the thing that is the newest or most expensive?

This morning, Coach, Nick's person, came up with a novel method of walking with the purple half-ball from the car to the dog lake.

It's a gazoo-helmet, too!



It just goes to show you the things that make us happy are not the moost expensive and may be junk in somebody elses eyes.

Dog Dad said the things that make him most happy have a cold nose, big brown eyes and a whole lot of fur. We wonder what he means by that.

Biggie-Z said...

I agree! Cardboard boxes and trash from the trash can are perfectly fine for me!

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