Thursday, August 13, 2009


The dogs have a great game at the dog park. It starts with one, taking off with a sudden inspiration of the zoomies.

Another joins in. The chase is on. The pack takes off.

They circle, they run, one is the "rabbit" and the others are in a mad dash.

This is best accomplished on the grassy side of the dog park, where the lawn is long and wide and the obstacles are few.

But it is manageable on the lake side, in the gritty sand-dirt, speeding along the fence line, weaving madly to miss the picnic table.

Woe to the human caught in an unprotected position during the mad chase.

The humans have taken to yelling "INCOMING" to alert each other to hurtling, hairy hazard.

Once in awhile, they hit the ground like bowling pins. Score: human 0, dogs 1

This morning, Peter did an intricate dance step, avoiding total collision and wipeout. Kaylee circles around from the left, Yogi ditches under the park bench, Lexic right behind him and Madison is blur of a head on the far right.

No humans were wounded in the documenting of this episode of "Incoming."


Mango said...

It is not safe for humans on my estate when pee-wee and I are zooming. I have smashed momma many times. She tried to find something to hold on to when we really get going.


Jake of Florida said...

We have been zoomie deprived. We're drafting a petition right this minute to provide more zoomie time at the dog park or we will go on strike (incessant barking).

Wirey woofs!

Jake and Just Harry

(But, Mom wants to know, how will that be any different from non-strike incessant barking?)

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

That sounds like HUGE fun!



Watch out for those sign posts when you are running. One of them jumped right in my way while I was in hot pursuit of a Conch Train several years ago. I knocked my self out and was limping for a week. I watch out for those sign posts and palm trees now.


Biggie-Z said...

HAHA Bowling for Humans. Fun game - I am able to make sure to avoid the humans and the trees but some of my less ... um ... brainy friends just run into people and trees. Then again, maybe it's a chicken-egg problem. Run into too many trees and you're just not the same...

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