Thursday, September 3, 2009

In the dark of the morning

This is cool. It's Madison's new job. She leaves the condo in the deep dark part of the morning and walks with H-Mom up to the corner.

Then she patrols. Back and forth, sniffing, snorking. And watching for the school bus. This is what it looks like. It's loud and large and kind of stinky in a school bus sort of way.

And when Madison spots the school bus, she turns abruptly to the other direction and watches for the teen-human. She stands on alert. This is serious business. And when the teen-human comes around the corner and the convergence of Madison's beloved best girlfriend and the school bus is complete, Madison and H-Mom head back home. The bus driver always hesitates for a moment and shouts hello to Madison. And Madison wags her whole rear end - just take care with my teen-human.

Upstairs, Madison goes to the kitchen to wait where she gets a biscuit and there is time for a quick snooze before heading to the dog park.


Jake of Florida said...

We think it is inhumane for teen-humans to have to go to school in the dark, We know from experience that they do not wake up until much later -- and their brains are on a different time schedule until they get a little older.

Hooray for Madison though that she is right out there on school patrol!!!

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

ScrapsofMe said...

What a great friend, to watch over the teen-human like that. And so brave to get up in the dark. I hope you wear something reflective, either a collar or harness. I can't even see you in the photo.

Maggie and Mitch said...

That sounds like a very important job to us, Madison! And it sounds like you're handling it just fine!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch


This reminds us of when we walk in the morning. We enjoy those walks and the sound of silence.

Essex & Deacon

Parker Andersen said...
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