Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prizes? This lonely pooch says YES!

H-mom entered our blog into a cool contest for dog blogs. Even though she is gone all day now, maybe her great writing and my beautiful face can win me some PRIZES to keep me busy while I am being lonesome. That would make me feel better.

So vote for the "Madison" blog right away! Here is the "magic code":


And here is the info that we got which is how H-mom found out about the contest that made Madison think that a whole PILE LOAD of prizes would make her feel just a little bit less lonesome:

VOTE for "withlovemadison" by going to the homepage and entering the above voting code in the voting box and clicking on the Submit button.

We need at least 50 votes to qualify for Round 2. Boy that's a lot.

But ... Madison has lots of empathetic dog pals, who know how terrible it is to be lonesome, and who might just think that it is really cool for her to maybe win some prizes. We would even share!

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