Wednesday, February 10, 2010

H-Mom is missing Madison

So she figured out a dog-friendly little web to weave on the WEB today!

She just posted an album of all kinds of AWESOME pet catalogs on the Facebook page. And she put a whole bunch of links with excellent merchandise (lots of health care stuff! Madison needs Comfortis and Heartguard refills!) with the most used pet care related savings codes.

Go to Facebook and Fan the page. Click on the "Special Offers" tab and see all the cool work she did today.

Isn't that nice of her? She even found something special for Madison. What could it be?

What could be BETTER than a job where you get to cruise online catalogs and SHOP?

Next step: how to get Madison's gorgeous face on a catalog cover!

(But this little guy is PRECIOUS isn't he?)

H-Mom is already working some angles. Stay tuned!

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