Sunday, April 7, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole?

Yikes. It's Madison, not Alice.

We were walking the other evening, Madison ambling along beside H-Mom, who was paying strict attention to the ground so as not to step in dog business.

There's a lot of dog business around here, because no one picks up. There was even a huge pile of dog business right next to the green pole with the poop bag dispenser. Which was full of bags. But that is another story.

So H-mom was watching the ground and all of a sudden, half of Madison disappeared. And she just froze, like one of those cows you've seen on the Animal Planet that are sinking in a mud bog.

Madison's rear legs and butt fell right into a huge hole that is opened up next to a storm drain along the Riverwalk. With all the rain, the ground has eroded, and the grass growing over it, the almost 2-foot wide hole is well hidden. And it goes far down, really far, not into the drain, but deep down beside it. You can't see the bottom. H-mom has visions of a little sinkhole swallowing up half a giant schnauzer, a little dog, a child, someone's leg.

Madison didn't even move with her legs hanging in the hole underneath her, and H-mom said, "What are you doing, silly!" and put her arms around Madison's belly and pulled her right out of the hole.

Today H-mom sent an email request for the city of Fort Lauderdale to fix the hole. Tomorrow, she'll call. She asked the building to put a warning cone by it, but no one has yet.

Maybe she'll just swipe a cone from the parking attendants.

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