Wednesday, November 5, 2008

daddy is in love

Madison Girl is a daddy's girl. When she comes in from a walk, her favorite trick is a running-crashing-licking-kissing attack, and Man-dad is usually on the sofa, just in the right position to fall victim. He is even successful in getting her to slow down for a minute.

Madison was rushed to the vet this morning.

We had a real "ewwwwww gross" moment at the dog park.

Madison pooped and it was alive.

Worms. H-Mom didn't even need her readers to spot them. Man-dad was totally grossed out. Straight to the vet, he ordered H-Mom, little stinky black bag on hand. The evidence.

Puppy Madison has tapeworms. Poor thing. Tapeworms are transmitted by ingesting fleas. They are not contagious from dog to dog, or (thank goodness!) from dog to human. She is now on a broad-spectrum dewormer, which will take care of her unwelcome internal guests. A pill and 1/2 today and another dose in two weeks.

Madison was not keen on swallowing the pills, though. They foamed up yellow and made her gag. The pieces that she coughed up went back down hidden in the cream filling of a doggie "oreo."

Hopefully Man-dad doesn't hold it against H-mom for pointing out that HE was the one who has been kissing puppy a lot. And getting lots of face licks. And that if he feels a little itchy, you know ... down there ... perhaps HE should head to the doctor.

Everyone at the vet office laughed when H-mom told them that the worm-sighting had made everyone a little uncomfortable that morning. Just have him report to the vet clinic, they suggested.

It really ISN'T contagious.


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

Gross indeed but very curable, so that's good!

When giving me pills that are likely to make me foam, my vet suggests #1 put them inside a ball of "rillettes". It works!!!


Jake of Florida said...

Yeah, we had our bags packed too, just in case, and even had reservations with one of our pals in Canada.

But YAY, we can stay right here and be part of a wondrous moment in history,

Madison, we're sorry about those yucky live creatures -- but you'll soon be all better. Hold off on the licks for a while though!!

Happy woofs!!!

Jake and Just Harry

The Devil Dog said...

Thank goodness it isn't contagious. But still, the whole idea is very .... unsettling.


Maggie and Mitch said...

Mitch had tape worms when he first came to live with us too! The pills will make Madison all better in no time at all! It happens!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Celeste said...

Yup...worms just happen. Even in the BEST of families.

Madison is cute!

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