Friday, November 7, 2008

the giant schnauzer

In the last couple of days, a handful of people have asked if Madison is a Bouvier. I was chatting with her breeder and she laughed -- time to get a schnauzer cut!

Giant Schnauzers are a separate breed from miniature and standard schnauzers, not just a variation on size. Giants were developed in the early 1900's by crossing standard schnauzers with black Great Danes for size and power, and Bouvier de Flandres for herding abilities and intelligence. They were originally called Riesenschnauzer. In Europe they are used extensively for police and military work.




Giants are in the working dog class, and were bred to herd cattle and protect farms and families. They are a breed that needs a job. Madison is already happiest when we ask her to carry her own leash to the elevator and back home down the hall. She was intent upon finding a newspaper to drag home for Man-dad. Anyone's newspaper.

We have to start remembering to bring a tennis ball with when we go out so that she has something to bring home.

This little pup is a pistol. She is smart as a whip and she needs to be given task after task, to keep her busy and focused.

Doberman Rescue of Fort Lauderdale/Miami has been recommended for their puppy classes. We are signing up.


Deetz said...

I finally got mum to help me come and see you and see what you have been up too. I had worms toooo! How cool. We are alot alike you and I. I love to go crashing and running really fast looking for my mum. But, I have to slow down next week cuz mum is having surgery and her guts could fall out and then who will feed me snackies.....I think you are adorable and I am so glad you have found your home. Even though I still miss Booker and think about him often, you have bright lovely smiles to your family who much deserved smiles

Maggie and Mitch said...

You'll ace puppy class, Madison! We're sure of it!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Eduardo said...

OMD! I read your last post is Madison okay yet? Well I guess you don't know yet...I'm so glad you got Madison! You know how all the purebreeds were breed from other breeds to make that purebreed? Well how come a puggle can't become a purebreed? It just makes mommy sad because all dogs were mixed to make the different breeds, so why can't the puggle be a purebreed? Do you know what makes the difference in the purebreed? Besides the papers? Sorry about all the questions!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Cocoa the Beagle said...

Hello Madison,

We don't have giant schnauzers over here and it's great to read about it's orgins!

Oh you can consider having a new job by waking up your H-Mom and Man-Dad the way I woke up Barley! I can't do that to my hoomans though because they're gonna kick me off the bed!

Have a great weekend!

Cocoa and Barley

Puglette said...

I linked here from Roxy's website. Your puppy is so cute! Way (way) back in high school I had a friend with a giant schnauzer, Otto. He was a great dog. I will always remember him scratching his back by walking back and forth under their dining room table. He did not care for men and would come up to their "package" and woof right on it!

Sen, Tama and Tom said...

You may know this already but a giant schnauzer called Philippe won the prestigious Crufts' Dog Show in England this year! Beautiful dogs!

Sparky said...


We saw two giant Schnauzers at the beach a couple weeks ago... They looked just like you...

I hope you have a grrrrEAT weekend!


Jake of Florida said...

On a walk a few weeks ago, we saw a very large black dog, accompanied by a very small white dog and a skinny human. We looked through our dog book -- but came up short. The next time we saw the trio, although the human was not very communicative, he did condescend to telling us that the large black dog was a Bouvier de Flandres. No comment about the small white dog.

We've see the astonishing trio several times since -- and now that we know Madison may be related, we'll look more attentively.

Woofs, Madison. Glad you're adapting so well!!

Jake and Just Harry

musings on a giant schnauzer in a little MEDIUM LARGE package