Tuesday, December 2, 2008

entertaining ourselves

Monday morning was miserable, especially by south Florida standards. In the 60's, drizzly rain, serious foggy skies.

We were in the car and discovered the yukkiness as soon as we drove out of the parking garage. It was a much less desirable dog park day than it had looked from the windows on the 19th floor.

Remember that H-Mom though, the one who stood under the drawbridge in the monsoon with Booker and the WTF convention ...

Madison is slowly discovering that there is a streak of stubborn determination in H-Mom that will match her own to plant her giant puppy feet and dig-in-and-don't-move attitude.

H-Mom was going to the dog park in spite of the rain. And so was Madison. And if that meant walking with an umbrella and yellow slicker, let it rain.

It was no surprise that there was not another parked car, dog or dog walker in sight.

But what a little trooper Madison turned out to be! She took off in a joy-filled bounding circle, surveyed the 3-acres that she had all to herself and figured out that sometimes the best fun we have is all by ourselves. There were toys to be discovered and not shared, mud to stretch out in undisturbed and palm tree debris to wrestle without competition.

In the "jungle" the Beautyberry bushes are covered with lustrous purple fruit. It is highly astringent and not used by people for anything, although it has been found to have insect repellent qualities. The birds will eat the tiny crispy berries if there is nothing else available.

On the way home, Madison made a stop at the groomer for a bath. When it rains, it pours.

PS Gussie found a little black dog masquerading as an elephant in one of the photos. See what you can do with a piece of palm tree in your mouth and a phonecam?


The Devil Dog said...

Wow! You're mom is good. My mom knows I won't go outside in the rain. She would have to throw me out in it and then I wouldn't do anything, so she is just wasting her time. And getting wet.
hee hee


Gussie said...

That pic on the bottom right - I've had a wee dram and I could've sworn there was a wee black elephant in the park ...

Gussie said...

Er, bottom left. Hic. Apologies!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

trust me ! I love to entertain myself too ! :D


Stanley said...

Madison Girl!

If you can enjoy yourself alone, you can enjoy yourself anywhere!

I too think I spy a wee black elephant at the dog park. What gives?

Goober love,

BrandytheGreat said...

Wow, I love parks all to myself too! Ohh, and that miniature elli looks so cute!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Madison is such a sweetie. We're absolutly smitten with her. How does she do with baths? A certain someone around here acts like she is being tortured beyond belief. What's not to love about warm, soapy water that smells nice? If I had MY way, I'd find a way for a bubble bath every day!

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