Wednesday, December 3, 2008

just a few things

We are not feeling much like connecting the dots today, so here are a few things:

  • Madison doesn't seem to have lost any baby teeth. We keep looking in her mouth. Permanent teeth appear after 4 months. She is chewing and whining and mouthing and acting distressed. Her biting and nipping of the humans has greatly improved though. She learns very quickly, and does not like to be reprimanded.
  • We created a TWITTER account for Madison. H-Mom was inspired by Jake ... because she likes the randomness of those little blurbs on his blog, Jake's Progress.
  • There was a "dog park incident" today. We don't quite know how to process it. Madison and her best friend, the Irish setter, were rough-playing with another 5-month old puppy. The other puppy is about the size of Madison - she is a Rhodesian/lab mix. Madison is very "alpha." The play gets a little wild, but both dogs hold their own, and it is not AGGRESSIVE play. The setter was running in circles, being a "nanny" and barking orders, but not touching either of the puppies. The owner of the other puppy started flailing at the setter, trying to WHIP her with a leash. It was highly disturbing. The setter's owner gave him a lecture about HITTING other people's dogs. We snapped on our dogs' leads and left the park. I will see this man tomorrow and need to have a CONVERSATION.
  • It is chilly here. 68 degrees. The teen-human has ordered a red knit sweater for Madison from a doggy couture site.

  • Last night was "Christmas on Las Olas." It was very crowded and the lights on the palm trees look very pretty. There were snow machines on the roofs. Did we say that it is 68 degrees?
  • Madison's breeder sent us a "litter update" today. Madison's brother is now 40 pounds. Our big girl is just a few ounces behind her brother!
  • Ari asked if Madison likes to be bathed. Actually, she is a dream at the groomer. She doesn't mind the bath at all, and stands very still for nails and ears, etc. She has been exposed to formal grooming since she was a very little pup.
  • Obedience class starts on January 8th. The teen-human will be "handler" and H-Mom will be chauffeur and audience. We are excited.
  • The teen-human actually said, "maybe I would like to show her," when discouraging us from discussing spaying of Madison. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ...
Apologies around. That was more than a "few."



Dog park incidents, we have seen so many. Good luck with the person that over reacted. Some people were just born clueless

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Ahh...the dog park...Mumsie got yelled at there once cuz she had treats in her pocket...a dog was jumpin' on her and she said off...kindly but firmly. Dog's owner must have FOOD! Mumsie agreed sayin' she had it for rewardin' Scruffy when he came when called...Lady said her dog was allergic and became very angry that mumsie might drop a piece of treat on the ground...park covers about 4 acres...hmmm...Scruffy became not so dog friendly so we use the trails at the park now to walk on leash...

Hey...we saw a ginormous Giant Schnauzer there last weekend...a boy...95 lbs of solid muscle...he wasn't much taller than Stan at 55lbs..just massive....very alpha and very handsome...wonder if he dates...

Love ya lots!


Stanley said...

Hey, Madison!

Sounds like you've got some big stuff coming up ~ your first clothing and obedience class (or, as I like to call it, "barking and treat-eating class"). I hope you like both. Be sure to give your teen hooman a break, though. Sounds like she has high hopes for you.

We like to stay out of the dog park scuffles as much as possible too. My girl says she's always more concerned about the people than the dogs. It can get complicated sometimes, but there are boundaries.

Have fun at the park tomorrow!

Goober love,

Cocoa the Beagle said...

Hey Madison,

Don't worry about your puppy teethies, it should be anytime soon. Our adult teethies came out when we were around 5 months plus or so.

Uh what's with that owner who tried to whip another owner's little pup huh?? That sounds really bad!!! Be careful of him Madison!

Cocoa and Barley

Sen, Tama and Tom said...

It seems that some owners are like some parents, over-protective and stupid. We feel sorry for that puppy...

So you think it's cold over there? It's horrible here with driving rain and howling winds and it's 40F!

Niamh said...

I hate when the people don't know how to behave at the dog park. Flailing the leash around is not going to make that person popular with other dogs or their people. Hope your baby teeth fall out soon.

Your friend,

Bruschi said...

Hi Madison! Thanks for stopping by my page and wishing me well!
Luckily I am not in any pain, it's just more of an annoyance because the knee keeps popping in and out of its socket. My vet said no rush on the surgery, so that gives mommy time to save her pennies!

I was just reading about your doggy park awful!! Some humans just don't know how to behave!!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Puglette said...

hi, thanks for the kind comments! that dog park incident sounds horrible...what a jerk!
madison is so cute, it really does make a difference when your breeder has been grooming the babies. Charlie does really well with all the grooming but the others? you would think we were trying to hurt them!

Dannan and The Girl said...

What a jerk that person at the dog park was! The Girl always wishes that people had to have some kind of proof that they at least have SOME idea of dog behaviour before they were allowed in!

Brown dog kisses,

musings on a giant schnauzer in a little MEDIUM LARGE package