Thursday, February 19, 2009

Madison's Love

SBB iso SBD: prefers really big guy who can handle a wild wrestle with patience. Outdoorsy type, tolerant of small animals, with a fondness for chicken and rice poppers and not easily upset by a girl with willful, bossy tendencies. Will be wildly impressed with social skills, and if he can swim, WOW ... it's a deal.

Madison likes Nick. When he jumps out of his car at the dog park, she always runs right to the fence to greet him.

In Madison's eyes, Nick rocks. He is a big one-year old Rottweiler, with long legs and the attitude of a high school football jock. H-mom has given his dad a new nickname: Coach.

Nick loves to wrestle, will run in circles with her, either chasing or being chased, and doesn't seem to mind too much when she yaps in his ear. They start in the "mud pit" with a wrestle, take off for a chase, and then end up in the "mud pit" for a breather.

At first H-mom was worried that Madison was harassing great big, lumbering Nick, being an obnoxious giant puppy, but he keeps coming back for more, and they really seem to have fun with each other.

He is certainly large enough to put her in her place and not "take it any more." Nick is a gentle soul, a sweetheart, a push-over.

Actually, we think Nick likes Madison, too.

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Stanley said...

How could Nick NOT love Madison?! What a crazy question!

Good for you, girlie! Sounds to me like you're going for it. And, it sounds like Nick is alloverthat!

Goober love,

musings on a giant schnauzer in a little MEDIUM LARGE package