Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hanging in there

Our walks are getting longer. Madison is better by the minute. H-Mom is amazed at how quickly youngsters heal. And she is being pretty good inside too, even with the lack of a good dog-park morning.

We'll make it. H-Mom is really good at planning interesting walks, and we've done short ones, medium ones, and today, a long-ish one.

Tonight we made it out between rain storms. We walked west along the Riverwalk, which was paved and landscaped in 2007. It's a beautiful brick walkway that meanders along the New River, where the mega-yachts dock and the water taxi picks up passengers, hopping from bar to bar.

The sun was setting and the bridge for the Florida East Coast Railway was up. It goes down according to a timer, which blasts twice to give boats a five minute warning. It's a busy rail crossing for trains in and out of Port Everglades, and a popular train-spotting location.

We circled around and headed home. We got dive-bombed by some of those crazy mockingbirds again. H-Mom was trying to photograph one, but was busy protecting her head. She told Madison to go ahead and snap one up, if she could.


TwoSpecialWires said...

That sunset was gorgeous! We're the lucky ones: you can get back to your walks and we can enjoy the pictures! Not a bad deal!

Watch out for those mockingbirds. We're watching out for the Great Blue Heron that roosts under a footbridge we pass over (now that we're in Florida, too!)

Good to hear from you,
Jake and Miss Fergi

Biggie-Z said...

oh, that must be torture for Madison! When Biggie got "tutored" it was only a week of walking (no dog park, no rough play), and it was hard enough.

Look forward to catching up!

River said...

Hope Madison heals fast and is back to lizard lunges!

love & wags,

musings on a giant schnauzer in a little MEDIUM LARGE package