Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wandering around Fort Lauderdale

This morning H-Mom and Madison headed out for another long meandering walk, before the heat settles in. The first destination was the lawn bowling court at Florence C. Hardy Park. H-Mom was hell-bent on breaking the law ... Madison could use a leg stretch. The lawn bowling grass is short and clean, and the court is completely fenced. No dogs allowed, but at 6:45 am, H-Mom thought, a 20-minute romp at an easy pace would be non-destructive.

Too bad the park was locked up tight, with chains and padlocks. Secure. No romp. We think it is to keep the homeless out of the little park house and off of the benches and the planters.

Plan B.

H-Mom took off for a long walk, headed down to Davie Boulevard through the huge grassy park and then took a diversion through a winding side road. This is where the hefty population of Fort Lauderdale peacocks live.

These birds are huge. Madison was astounded, intrigued, a little apprehensive. H-Mom kept a good grip on the leash, thinking that a flock of peacocks would inflict more damage - both physical and psychological - than a ornery mockingbird.

She would have gotten better photos, like a shot of seven of these huge birds sitting on the roof of a little stucco house, but she was a little apprehensive herself. Better not to get too close. We don't think they are particularly friendly.


Mango said...

Watch out for those peacocks. I heard they are mean sometimes. At least you are getting your walkies again.



Are peacocks meaner than chickens? Inquiring collies want to know.

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