Friday, December 25, 2009

Madison, the Aggressive Menace?

H-Mom is just burned up.

Yesterday, Madison was called an "aggressive" barker by one of the dog park regulars. There is this movement on to remove the dogs that make noise. Yes, DOG noise. It's called "Bark Park" last time we looked, and H-Mom is more than a little miffed.

Madison is a rabble rouser, a wild child, a "come let's play and be crazy this morning" kind of girl. She likes a rumble in the dirt with her buddies the Rotties, with lots of yapping and flashing of teeth, followed by a companionable ramble to the water bowl and some side-by-side sniffing or charitable tandem gnawing of the chew-toy.

But, aggressive? We think not. Madison has never bit, growled or attacked another dog. In fact, she has been aggressed upon, to which her response is a submissive belly to the ground and happy "I give" tail. And then a retreat to H-Mom.

Aggressive, we think not. If she was, you'd know it. Eighty pounds of Giant Schnauzer, with pearly whites and excellent muscle mass would not be a meek opponent.

She's a lover, not a fighter. And a bundle of energy that will happily round up the dog park dogs in the absence of a herd of cattle.

Tolerance and community? There's trouble in the playground.

Check it out: Even Chilled out Miami Dogs Bark

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Sherry said...

Totally with you on this and sorry you have to go through such aggravation, especially during the "season of good will." Not enough people understand dog body-language. You should see all the teeth and hear the snarling when Airedales play!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That's sad. We 3 dogs are very noisy -- growling, rumbling, barking -- we're just having fun when we play and expending energy.

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a shame, Madison! You're just a sweet girl that has a lot to say and you're just like me! Mom is forever calling me chatty Cathy! I'm not mean either - I just like to talk!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch


Yikes, I hate to say what they would call Essex & Deacon. Essex loves patrolling the fence and barking at offensive golf carts.

Dogs should be able to bark at a dog park. Now if it was 6 AM or 11 PM at the dog park the person could complain.

Then of course ever since the one day when Essex was a pup and barked at someone coming up the driveway during the middle of the night. Dad turned on the light and the person left. Dad found out from the policeman across the street the next day that some cars were broken into but not Dads.

Essex & Deacon

ScrapsofMe said...

Some people like to ruin the fun for the rest of us....why do they call it a BARK Park? Not cuz its quiet!!! Sheesh....too bad you can't bitey them. I guess that would be too agressive huh? But some people just NEED biting. Sic yer Momma on them!


Biggie-Z said...

OH THAT TOTALLY ANNOYS US. Dogs bark; they're dogs! If there's one place dogs should be allowed to bark and get it out of their system, it's in the DOG park.

Another thing that totally annoys us is when people call dogs "aggressive" when really it is the people who have no sense of dogs who misapply the label. As a big dog owner, I find that people are quick to label Biggie "aggressive" when they are scared of him because of his size. I have seen him be aggressive, I have seen him be alpha, and I have also seen him exuberantly playful. It is pretty easy to tell the difference, but first you cannot be fearful or you will see everything through "scary dog" lenses.

Hope things work out.
Biggie's momma

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