Saturday, January 9, 2010

Artic Blast

Fort Lauderdale - all of South Florida - is in the icy grip of an arctic blast. Thank goodness Madison skipped her last appointment at the grooomer and is sporting a thick and curly Schnauzer coat. This weather is glorious for a giant black dog, at least when the sun is shining.

But today? Plummeting temperatures and rain all day. Dismal.

What to do, but lounge. Mope. Make long sad sighs.

While our dog park floods, sitting deserted and very very chilly.


Jake of Florida said...

We so identify!!! We still have very furry coats that were left to blow while we were in Northland (St. Louis) over the holidays -- but hear now that we may be in for a plucking, followed by the wearing of those fishermen's sweaters that give everyone a huge laugh!!!

Stay warm. It will be over soon (paws crossed).

Jjjjjake and Jjjjust Hhhharry

Winterdark said...

You can come up here Madison, we have lots of snow to play in, but wear a hat so you don't freeze your ears off.


CD said...

I just found your blog, and have to co-sign on the Giant Schnauzer "long sad sighs". My Max will wake up from his 5th nap of the day just to sigh at me. Gotta love them!
Your girl is beautiful btw.

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