Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Found Dog, Contest Won - Great Updates!

First, we have to let everyone know that REMI has been found. His people wouldn't leave their campsite where he was lost from, waiting for him for 13 days. They fried pounds of bacon, called his name a million times, walked 40 miles ... and he came walking out of the woods. Remi is 15 pounds thinner, a little contrite and very very lucky!

What amazing dog people that they never gave up on finding him!

and the next amazing news is that H-Mom WON the Famous Footwear "Star-Studded Hollywood Style" contest on Pinterest! She is going to L.A. for 4 days and gets to stay in Beverly Hills.

She did a board all about Hollywood stars walking their dogs and the kind of shoes they wear (some pretty crazy choices she thinks!) See ... her dog obsession paid off!

Here is what her winning board looks like on Pinterest (click to see it here):

Have a great night, and here's to great things happening to all of us, all the time!

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Glad Remi was found and that your Mum is getting to Beverly Hills.

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